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Nature in Sonja's work

"For plein-air artist Sonja Brussen, nature is the greatest source of inspiration. She sets out to capture the moment, the speed of light, the change of clouds. It is an ongoing hunt and a daily quest to capture light, air and space. Nature has fascinated her from a young age, and she captures it with a minimum of human influences. Her powerful works, which connect Impressionism and Expressionism, are painted alla prima (wet-on-wet) by Sonja Brussen. Her technique and use of colour are strong and very personal."


Harry J. Kraaij, art historian

Silent road, oil on canvas, 140 x 100 cm, 2019. #impressionist #art #painting

Exhibitions 2021/2022

  • Museum Møhlmann, Appingedam, 10 okt t/m 19 dec 2021. 
  • Galerie Année, Haarlem, Uitgelicht, 2021. 
  • Pulchri Studio, Den Haag, 4 t/m 30 dec 2021.
  • Galerie Année, Haarlem, werk in stock , 2021. 
  • Galerie Posthuys, De Koog, oktober, 2021.
  • Galerie Pfundt, Berlijn, werk in stock, 2021. 
  • Galerie Ruigewaert, Appingedam, doorlopend 2021.
  • Galerie RitsArt, Maassluis, werk in stock, 2021. 
  • Huntenkunst 2022, Ulft, 20, 21, en 22 mei 2022. 
  • Galerie 1880, Laag Keppel, Solo, 19 mei t/m 30 juni 2022. 
  • Watermuseum Arnhem, NVZ,  januari, februari, maart 2022. 

Already been

  • Katwijkerkring "In nature", Katwijk, 2 t/m 28 nov 2021. 
  • Galerie Hoeve Rijlaarsdam, Nieuwkoop, 15 t/m 21 nov 2021. 
  • Museum Møhlmann, Appingedam, 8 aug t/m 3 okt 2021. 
  • Art Laren,  Galerie Année, 24 t/m 26 sept 2021. 
  • Galerie Drentsche Aa, Balloo,  23 mei t/m eind 26 sept 2021. 
  • Zandvoorts Museum, Zandvoort, 7 mei tot 15 aug 2021. 
  • Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, 27 t/m 31 okt 2021. 
  • Katwijk en Plein Air, expositie, 4 sept t/m 31 okt 2021. 
  • Schilderfestival Noordwijk 2021, 5 t/m 11 juli 2021.
  • Museum Staal, Solo, Almen, 2 juni 2020 t/m 28 maart 2021. 
  • Galerie Année, Haarlem, 21 nov t/m 30 jan 2021. 
  • Galerie Pfundt, Berlijn, dec t/m jan 2021. 
  • Galerie Posthuys, De Koog, 2 sep t/m 28 feb 2021. 
  • Huntenkunst 2021, Ulft (afgelast)
  • Haagse Schooldag 4 sept, Nieuwkoop, 2021. 
  • Katwijk en Plein Air 2021, 28 aug tot 4 sept,  2021. 


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Let there be light

The silence of the evening and night is inspiring for many artists. I also belong to that group of night diggers. Where many people hang out on the couch, I go out, especially on this day. The sun disappears, the mist rises...

Field peace

It is winters and dark early, but ideal for me to go out again in the evening. A miner's light on my head and a light on my pochade is enough to be able to work. In these turbulent times it is extra nice to be one with nature...

Wet feet

I'm already wearing the high waterproof shoes again, because otherwise the water will creep in through my shoes. Today it is cold, but because of that it is nice and quiet on the waterfront. Started extra late...

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