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Nature in Sonja's work

"For plein-air artist Sonja Brussen, nature is the greatest source of inspiration. She sets out to capture the moment, the speed of light, the change of clouds. It is an ongoing hunt and a daily quest to capture light, air and space. Nature has fascinated her from a young age, and she captures it with a minimum of human influences. Her powerful works, which connect Impressionism and Expressionism, are painted alla prima (wet-on-wet) by Sonja Brussen. Her technique and use of colour are strong and very personal."


Harry J. Kraaij, art historian

Silent road, oil on canvas, 140 x 100 cm, 2019. #impressionist #art #painting

Exhibitions 2022/2023

  • Gallery Posthuys, De Koog, 13 sept t/m 29 okt 2023.
  •  Museum Zandvoort met NVZ, 8 sept t/m 7 jan 2023. 
  • Museum Møhlmann, Appingedam, 2 juli t/m 24 sept 2023. 
  • Gallery Rijlaarsdam, Nieuwkoop, 13 mei t/m 24 sept 2023. 
  • Katwijk en plein air expositie, 8 juli t/m 24 sept 2023. 
  • Gallery Drentsche Aa, Balloo, Summer time, t/m 24 sept 2023.
  • Gallery Ruigewaert, Garrelsweer,  8 sept t/m 29 okt 2023. 
  • Museum Møhlmann, Appingedam, ORT, 1 okt t/m 17 dec 2023.

Work in stock: 

  • Gallery Année, Haarlem.
  • Gallery Posthuys, De Koog. 
  • Gallery Bonnard, Nuenen. 
  • Gallery Drentsche Aa, Balloo.
  • Gallery Rijlaarsdam, Nieuwkoop.
  • Gallery Ruigewaert, Garrelsweer.
  • Morren Galleries, Utrecht. 
  • Kunst of Art/Gallery 1880, Zutphen/Laag Keppel.
  • Gallery Rits Art, Maassluis



Plein Air Blog

Red vibes

12 Apr. 2023

Because I had to bring work for our Duo exhibition in Katwijk, we were in nearby Noordwijk for a few days. It is always difficult to plan, because you just have to hope that the weather will cooperate. But...

Wind & Bulbs

11 Apr. 2023

Took the chance to paint for a few days in Noordwijkerhout, it was really chilly and the wind was blowing pretty hard. But luckily I have my little pochade and I could still paint wonderfully in the shelter of the car...


08 Feb. 2023

Fortunately, the sun really shows itself again, there is no wind, so it is a joy to stand on the waterfront of my beloved Berkel. The banks have been mowed, but the new reed tops already give the world a fresh green spring...

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