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2 Dec 2021 to 19 Jan. 2022

Exhibition of the paintings painted during the Hague School day in Nieuwkoop. Because Nieuwkoop is also celebrating its 750th anniversary this year, there will also be an exhibition in Pulchri Studio...

Museum Møhlmann

10  to 19 Dec. 2021

From October 10 to December 19, my recent work and that of more than 100 colleagues can be seen in Museum Møhlmann during the Independent Realists Exhibition. I am also looking forward to...

Affordable Artfair

27 to 31 Oct. 2021

From 27 to 31 October 2021 my work will again be represented by Galerie Année this year during the Affordable Art Fair 2021 in Amsterdam. A beautiful fair where 65 galleries from home...

Plein air blog

Winter sun

11 Jan. 2022

And also today it was quite cold, but luckily the winter sun also showed itself. Under a golden winter sun, the willows on the Velhorst were waiting for me again. I can't be found here on weekends, because...


7 Jan. 2022

"Sun", what a joy in winter when the sun shows itself for a while. Even with 3 degrees it feels like summer in your heart. The fields are colored, the ochres now have the upper hand. Today I also fell in love for the old...


6 Jan. 2022

And yesss, the sun is finally here! It is quite cold today, but also a very nice painting day. By the end of the afternoon the sky was already starting to color and changing. I actually wanted to stop, but I saw...