Inspired by nature

Her work is different because she heads into nature with her easel and creates her work 'en plein air' in nature. As a kind of 'art nomad' she is always on the road, each time looking for a new motif. Always looking for air, light and space, because that is what her work is about. This hunt over the last few years has been merged into the book 'Inspired by Nature'. Here you will find photos of paintings from 2015 to 2017, photos of painting locations where she can often be found. Supplemented with texts from her blog, she takes you with her into the world of a painter pur sang.


Kunst in de Achterhoek

A beautiful book has been published about prominent museums, galleries and eight Professional Artists (including Sonja). 'Kunst in de Achterhoek' is a voyage of discovery through the visual art landscape of the picturesque region, de Achterhoek. It is a book with fascinating stories about prominent museums such as MORE, Lalique, Villa Mondriaan, Huis Bergh and the collaborating museums in Zutphen. Numerous beautiful images from their collections have been included.


Realisten 2020

Book/catalogue published on the occasion of the Twenty-second Independent Realists Exhibition, autumn 2020 in Museum Møhlmann. It has 256 pages, in full-color and with a hard cover. Two works of all 114 artists are included, often with accompanying, own text. There is also a substantial, but very readable report on Corona, Art & Culture, in which the writer has followed the corona time from the museum for the past six months and finally wonders whether art actually matters? The book appears in a limited edition and not in bookstores.

Realisten 2019

The Independent Realists Exhibition in Museum Møhlmann also publishes the book 'Realists' every year. This year for the 21st time! With work by over a hundred artists, including Sonja. Each artist is represented by two works spread over two pages, often with their own accompanying text. There is a preface written by Rob Møhlmann with some reflections on "realism" and art. And an article about the enormous (exponential) acceleration of the image since the first man on earth. A heavy topic, but written lightly.


Article Landleven magazine

In the May 2019 edition of Landleven Magazine you can read a 6-page article. It is beautiful written by Klaske Bakker and the photos were taken by Otto Kalkhoven on Texel, where Sonja was working at the time. The May edition (2019) is now in stores throughout the Netherlands. The magazine can be ordered on the website of Landleven magazine..


Article Artist magazine

"Artist Sonja Brussen makes paintings from nature. 'Nature means everything to me. When I started painting outside, everything fell into place. All influences and changes in nature are incredibly important for my work. I really use that. I also never put music to my ears: nature is my music. The wind in my ears, the birds. That way I work together with nature, that's how I see it." This is a small part of the interview which was written by Ilse Knol for Artist Magazine. The entire piece can be read on the website of Artist Magazine.