Hague school day 2021

Published on 7 January 2022 at 20:46

Invited to spend a day painting in Nieuwkoop in the footsteps of the Hague School painters. The painters are received in Nieuwkoop in 't Vliegend Paard, the lodging house where the Hague School painters used to stay and where the authentic atmosphere has been preserved...

From there I will start painting in Noorden, Nieuwkoop or on the water. If the weather cooperates, working from the water is definitely my preference.

From September 15 to November 21, an exhibition of all works can be seen at Galerie Hoeve Rijlaarsdam in Nieuwkoop. Because Nieuwkoop is also celebrating its 750th anniversary this year, there will also be an exhibition in "Pulchri Studio" in The Hague. Pulchri was home to the Hague School painters. This exhibition lasts from 4 to 30 December 2021.


Gallery Hoeve Rijlaarsdam

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