Green love

Published on 21 July 2021 at 10:06

A frog jumped into the water in front of me as I set up the easel. One high-tone betrays the kingfisher, I recognize his sound and know that he will arrive soon. And yes there he flies, my day can't get any better. It's been a while, but today I'm back at work at the Regge...

The weather conditions were perfect to put a large canvas on the easel (100 x 140 cm). There is no wind and a nice temperature made that I could continue working wonderfully. Ernst and our dog Amy sat a little further away, so he could shoot this photo of a 'walking' painting at the end. Of course I use the Mabef (French easel) for this kind of format and I simply anchor the canvas to the easel with iron wire.

What a beautiful place... and yes I already knew that, but still very nice to be there again...


"Green love" oil on canvas, 100 x 140 cm, 2021.


#impressionist #oil #sonjabrussen #dutchartist #mabef

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