"The artist who stays closest to nature is Sonja Brussen. She draws her inspiration from nature and has chosen to work in the Impressionists tradition. Impressionism is an art movement of the late nineteenth century that saw artists go into nature with paint and easel for the first time and put their direct experience on canvas outside "en plein air". It was a reaction to traditional salon painting, but the invention of the paint tube played an important role too. Sometimes a new art movement gets created in such a prosaic way. Sonja, like the Impressionists, sets out to capture the moment on canvas, whatever the weather, come rain, wind or sunshine. Her work is a direct impression of what she experiences. When you look at her work, you feel like you are a participant rather than a spectator. Although she works in the Impressionist tradition, her work is clearly modern in display and paint technique."

By: Margreet de Zeeuw

"We absolutely love the painting and dealing with Sonja was great. She shipped the painting promptly and sent emails to let us know when it would arrived."

"In the field, she is influenced by what is going on in nature: sun, cold, wind, rain. All these influences contribute to the creation and the atmosphere of her work. For her, that includes the sound of nature: the birds, the wind, a splash in the water and the rustle in the bushes. That feeling of nature is so intense that, when you look at her work, you immediately experience being in the middle of that piece of nature. You therefore not only look at an image of nature, but you are, as it were, part of it"

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