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"Inspired by nature"

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  • Plein air moments with Sonja Brussen with paintings and photo's of some plein-air locations.
  • Language: Dutch!
  • Price: € 29.95 including shipping within the Netherlands.
  • Landscape format 25 x 20 cm.
  • 82 pages, paperback, glossy cover, premium paper.
  • ISBN: 9781364129460


Her work is different because she heads into nature with her easel and creates her work 'en plein air' in nature. As a kind of 'art nomad' she is always on the road, each time looking for a new motif. Always looking for air, light and space, because that is what her work is about. This hunt over the last few years has been merged into the book 'Inspired by Nature'. Here you will find photos of paintings from 2015 to 2017, photos of painting locations where she can often be found. Supplemented with texts from her blog, she takes you with her into the world of a painter pur sang.


Dear Sonja,
I ordered and received your wonderful book for myself and it is a great pleasure to watch and read it. Your painting is amazing!!!! The way you paint skies is fantastic! I do love your touch. Congratulations for your wonderful job. Best regards. Phil from France