Sonja Brussen brush set!

Published on 6 October 2022 at 15:55

Sonja Brussen Brush Set

As a full time plein air artist I work in all weather conditions and seasons. My work is recognizable by the thick layers of paint and the firm brushstroke. So I have some demands on my painting gear and brushes. That I would love to share that with you!

I have been painting with the Ivory brushes from Rosemary’s brushes for years. And yes I really love them, they are synthetic brushes that dance nicely over the canvas and they are also sturdy so that they can handle the thick alla prima paint very well. They are softer and more flexible than the traditional hog brush, but firmer than many of the synthetic brushes on the market.

They hold their shape  very well without loosing that flat edge. The long handle provides a sensitive contact and the set contains different sizes that I use on large and small canvases. The two pointed rounds that are included in the set are for the small details like grasses on  the waterside.

I have to say The Rosemary and Co Ivory Pochade Set is a must have if you travel a bit more as a painter. The handles are shorter and they are easy to carry in a small backpack with your pochade box. Furthermore, they have the same great quality and features as my brush set.

So are you looking for some more freedom in your work? then I can highly recommend these two brush sets! Over the years I have used and tried many brushes. For me, the search ended when I tried Rosemary’s brushes!



With love Sonja Brussen

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