Hike & Paint

Published on 9 February 2021 at 21:50

To go by car was almost impossible because of the extreme snowfall. The roads are unsafe at this moment. So I packed my backpack on my back, and hiked to estate Ampsen. Today I thought it would be nice to visit the sheltered forest...

I walked about 5 km and sometimes through knee-high snow. Which makes my arrival warm! I found a nice painting spot and by the time the cold started to get annoying it was time to break up and warm up again. Yes with this snow and cold, Hike & Paint is the solution for me ;-)


Don't forget to bring:

  • My old painter's ski outfit.
  • Thermo underwear.
  • Thermo boots.
  • Waterproof backpack (love this one)
  • Gloves (but still cold fingers at the end)
  • Happy painter! 


Winter feelings, oil on panel, 24 x 30 cm, 2021.



#pleinair #art #landscapes #snow2021 #snowscape #fineart

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