Snow hunt

Published on 10 February 2021 at 22:15

And today it is cold.. very cold I may say. Well packed I am on my way to the Velhorst. I found a painting spot with a little shelter, because there is a more wind today...

My cap and hoodie do their "warmth" work for me. It must be a strange sight for some people to see me walking like a mummy in a paint-stained ski suit. But they greet me kindly and let me continue working.

A robin stays with me for a while and in a flash I see the kingfisher. I know he lives here, but I am lucky enough to meet him again...



"Snow hunt", oil on panel, 24 x 30 cm, 2021.




#art #pleinair #oilpainting #landscapes # fineart #sonjabrussen

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