Museum Staal

Published on 1 April 2021 at 15:51
When I was asked if I wanted to paint a mural in Museum STAAL, I of course said yes. It is a honor and a great challenge. And yes it was hard work on this scale, but I managed...
You can see the first beginning in the photo taken by Geert de Groot. The wall is 3 x 3 meters and at this size I work with acrylic paint. That is a bit different for once, but I used to work with it a lot in the past, so that was no problem. The whole painting session was also filmed and hopefully I can show you this soon. When the museum is allowed to reopen, the exhibition "Come for and stay" will start with works by Rien Poortvliet on the theme of our dog. Then there will be a temporary “dog island” in front of my wall painting and then the two will “work together”. The island is only 67 cm high and enough remains visible ;-). After this exhibition, my Berkel wall painting still can be seen. Are you ever in the near of Almen? Be very welcome to visit Museum STAAL and also enjoy the museum's permanent collection!


Museum STAAL

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