Mini U.G.O

Published on 17 October 2021 at 13:49

Hike & Paint might be the best way to keep fit ;-), but with my new U.G.O 6"x 8" (small)  it's really great! I now only have a tiny backpack with all my stuff on my back and that makes the world a bigger place...

I am also still extremely satisfied with the large box (11"x14.5") because it can handle the larger formats. For the really long hikes (or by bike) > 5 km I take his smaller brother with me. Just like the large box, the small box is made with craftsmanship, is super sturdy and a panel of 24 x 30 cm stays on top of it. With the canvas extenders that I also use on the Large box, canvases fit perfectly.


In short, very satisfied! a small box with great power...


More information can be found at: New Wave Art

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