Wet feet

Published on 18 October 2021 at 13:41

I'm already wearing the high waterproof shoes again, because otherwise the water will creep in through my shoes. Today it is cold, but because of that it is nice and quiet on the waterfront. Started extra late that makes the world even more quiet and calm...

A beautiful pair of swans accompanies me while painting. The coots look cheeky, but don't dare to come closer now with those two big white bodyguards next to me. Usually the swans swim further, but today they just keep foraging right next to me. Very nice to watch, those long necks that disappear under the water in the clear water in search of tasty plants. In the meantime, I keep painting and enjoying all the life around me. At the end I notice the moisture...

The swans and I really have something in common:

We enjoy a humid environment with wet feet...

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