Happy thoughts

Published on 3 May 2022 at 20:32

Early this morning I had an interview for the new book of the Dutch Association of Marine Painters. We discussed everything in the studio, but more about that later...

After the interview I quickly packed my things and went outside. On the way to an exuberant "sea of flowers" at the rapeseed field. Where at first the sky was almost a clear blue, by the time I was in the field a beautiful cloudy sky appeared. So the choice was quickly made for me. "Happy thoughts" are the dominant thoughts when I'm working outside. The birds also become more active and active. No one saw me, but the pheasant and the green woodpecker did...


"Happy thoughts" oil on canvas, 50 x 150 cm, 2022.

This work can be seen until 2 July 2022 at Kunst of Art in Laag-Keppel!


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