Sonja Brussen brush set!

As a full time plein air artist I work in all weather conditions and seasons. My work is recognizable by the thick layers of paint and the firm brushstroke. So I have some demands on my painting gear and brushes. That I would love to share that with you!

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U.G.O Pochade box

I have already received messages from a number of colleagues with questions about my new U.GO pochade box. Coincidentally, the weather isn't too good at the moment so I thought... Let me make an unboxing video...

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Mini U.G.O pochade box

Hike & Paint might be the best way to keep fit ;-), but with my new U.GO 6"x 8" (small)  it's really great! I now only have a tiny backpack with all my stuff on my back and that broadens the field of work even more...

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